Verge Mining – How it works !

Verge Mining – The Verge Coin has been developed since 2014. At the beginning it was called „DogdecoinDark“, in 2016 it was renamed by the developers. Verge Coin is a so-called „Privacy Coin“, i.e. a crypto currency in which special emphasis is placed on anonymous transactions.
At the same time, transactions should be executed quickly and the fees for transactions should remain low. Mining is also possible, of course. In our Verge Mining guide we show you what is important to mine verges.

Verge Mining – What hardware is needed for a Bitcoin profit?

The special thing about Verge Mining is that the blockchain allows multiple scripts. Verge, also called XVG for short, is designed to be mined by a large number of different mining hardware so that as many people as possible can get a Bitcoin profit. The different scripts are there to allow mining through ASIC processors, GPUs and CPUs. However, they have different performance and thus create different hash rates. The feature is called „multi-algorithm mining“ and is one of Verge’s unique selling points.

On average, ASIC miners are the most successful hashs. They are the most expensive, but the purchase pays for itself faster. These special mining CPUs are mainly used when you want to create your own mining rig instead of using an existing home PC. ASIC processors have been specially developed to efficiently mine new coins. ASICs use the Scrypt algorithm to create new coins.

A Verge Mining Calculator helps to check the Ethereum code

GPUs, i.e. graphics cards, are a powerful alternative to ASICs. Here it concerns above all AMD and Nvidia graphic cards, whereby those of Nvidia mostly perform better. In terms of performance, the price of electricity must also be taken into account. The current causes additional costs, which must be brought in again by the yield with the Mining. A Verge Mining Calculator helps to check when the purchase of which hardware is worthwhile with simultaneous electricity costs.

The power supply should not be saved. The power supply unit protects the entire rig from overheating and ensures uniform ventilation of the rig. A bad power supply can lead to overheating and damage the hardware. It is also important that the strength of the power supply matches the number of PCIe ports to prevent overloading. However, you can save on the case, as the rig shouldn’t look nice after all. Open cases help to ventilate the hardware components better. Good cooling, on the other hand, is extremely important and indispensable. The mining rig will run all day long and do demanding work. In addition, the mining rig also needs a motherboard. The mainboard represents the control center of the computer.

The more ASICs and GPUs the rig uses, the more PCIe ports it needs to connect all these elements together. If the slots are not sufficient, additional riser cards have to be installed. These are also helpful if the graphics cards are too close together. This would result in an increased temperature. Riser Cards can create a distance, which favors the cooling.

If you do not want to assemble the Mining-Rig yourself, the purchase of a finished rig is recommended. This allows you to start mining right away. Only the mining software has to be installed by yourself.