EO Ecosystem & EO.Finance

The goal of EO.Trade is to be able to trade, exchange and store crypto and fiat currencies with only this ecosystem. An important element is the EO.Finance Wallet, which has been designed to be easy to use and understand. It should support more than 20 crypto currencies and make it possible to send them immediately. Also the sending of Fiat currencies will be possible with this Wallet. One can access the Wallet directly from the Desktop and by means of a mobile App. EO.Wallet has been designed so that it is easy for investors and anyone else to switch between crypto and fiat currencies.

ExpertOption.com & EO.News

The wallet is available for iOS and Android and the developers believe that the boundaries between analog and digital currencies will blur and that the normal investor will need both in the future. At the same time, they want to make it easy for investors who haven’t traded crypto currencies before to get into this business. They can also obtain the EO coin with Visa or Mastercard via the wallet.

EO.Trade wants to improve trading with crypto currencies by connecting to the blockchain. Accounts that have the EO.Crypto currency receive higher percentages in trades, deposits and withdrawals are processed immediately and services are executed much faster. Currency transactions are completed almost instantly.

The ExpertOption.com platform is a web-based tool designed to be easy for beginners, it has been on the market for a long time and has been very successful to date. More than 100 assets can be traded with each other on it. These include commodities such as gold and oil, stocks, currencies and even crypto currencies. Trading tools and video tutorials are available on the platform. Even before it was implemented in the ecosystem, payment with Bitcoin was possible. In addition, the platform is available in several languages and also offers numerous features for experts.

EO.News is another part of EO.Trade. It is a news portal about finance, where the investor can find market analysis, real-time market data, charts, technical data, finance tools and general news for investors. The news portal should not only be linked to currencies and crypto currencies, but should be open to all types of traders and cover different topics. The portal is also visible to those who are not registered with EO.Trade. Nevertheless, the EO ecosystem and its traders should benefit from the portal first and foremost.


EO.Trade tries to bridge the gap between the classical financial world and the digital world of crypto currencies. This Crypto Exchange represents an integrated network of four different platforms around the topic of finance and investment. Investors have the opportunity to run their transactions via the blockchain. Transactions become faster and cheaper.

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