:: About Connect Youth International ::


Connect Youth International (formerly the Youth Exchange Centre) promotes exchanges of young people between the United Kingdom and other countries. Activities are supported by funds from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Department for Education and Skills, and the European Commission (Education and Culture).

What they can do for Youth Exchanges:

Who they support:

Youth exchanges are open to all young people aged 15 to 25, but they must be members of an organisation or association. Preference is given to those young people who would not normally have the chance to take part in a constructive international experience.

Where can you go?

Using funding from the Foreign Office and the YOUTH programme, Connect Youth International can support exchanges in the European Union; elsewhere in Western Europe; Central/Eastern Europe; Israel; the USA; China and Japan.

Getting in touch:

Connect Youth International is assisted by a network of 12 Regional Committees who make nearly all the grant-giving decisions and offer a wide range of advice and support.

Other options:

The YOUTH programme promotes in addition, trilateral and multilateral exchanges, but also offers possibilities for visits and exchanges for young people and organisers beyond Europe to the Mediterrean Basin, Latin America and Central/Eastern Europe.

The YOUTH programme includes Youth Initiatives which assist the creativity of small groups of young people, connected to their employability.

European Voluntary Service gives individuals aged 18-25 the opportunity to spend up to one year on a community placement.

The British Council Youth Millennium Awards, in partnership with the Millennium Commission and assisted by Youth Clubs UK, give 18-28 year olds the option of creating their own overseas partnership which will benefit their local community, both long-term and short-term.

Support Measures of the YOUTH Programme provide the tools to help all those working in the youth field to: